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Broodplank* € 4,50

French bread accompanied by a garlic herb butter

Stokbrood à la Ellen* € 5,50

French bread with garlic herb butter, gratinated with cheese

Wat de Pot Schaft € 5,50

Soup of the season, see the blackboard

Als de Brandweer € 5,50

Fresh tomato soup with cream

Huilebalk* € 5,50

Spicy French onion soup with a gratinated cheese onion crouton

Voor af en Toe € 8,50

Starter of the season, see the blackboard

Escargots € 8,50

Wine marinated snails gratinated with garlic butter and mature cheese

Carpaccio € 9,50

Beef with pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and a tomato basil vinaigrette

Kom er Bij* € 8,50

Goat’s cheese gratinated with honey on a bed of tomato and salad

Leiden aan Zee € 9,50

Smoked salmon with salad, cocktail sauce and French bread

Main Courses

Op is Op! € 10,50

Dish of the day, see the blackboard, Facebook or Twitter

De Moestuin* € 10,50

Warm stir-fried salad with kikkoman vinaigrette

Leids Lekkers € 15,50

Fried pork tenderloin filled with Leiden cheese and a red wine sauce

Oranje Boven € 15,50

Fried salmon with sauce Hollandaise

Gipsvlucht € 14,50

Large breaded chicken schnitzel with fried mushrooms, bacon and onions

Niet Mokken Lekker... € 15,50

Warm stir-fried beef salad with thinly sliced vegetables and a spicy sauce

Alle Gekheid... € 15,50

Chicken skewer with saté sauce, prawn crackers and fried onions

Geen Halve Maatregelen € 15,50

Whole roasted chicken from the oven with a Chili sauce

Droom van Neptunus € 17,50

Fish dish of the season, see the blackboard

Stoplicht* € 14,50

Filled sweet pepper gratinated with Parmesan cheese

Spare Ribs € 17,50

Marinated and grilled pork ribs accompanied by a garlic sauce

Mixed Grill € 18,50

Grilled steak, chicken, pork tenderloin and spare ribs with a chive sauce

De Winnaar € 18,50

Fried rump steak cutlets with a richly filled mushroom bacon onion sauce


Uit den Ouden Doos* € 6,50

Dessert of the season, see the blackboard

Dame Blanche* € 6,50

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, almonds and whipped cream

Bezige Bij* € 6,50

Turkish yoghurt with walnuts and honey

Chocolade Trio* € 7,50

Three delicious chocolate desserts

Boerderij het Geertje* € 7,50

A selection of local farmer cheeses with French bread and apple syrup

Koffie Met* € 6,50

Coffee or tea with three 'Leonidas' chocolate treats

Koffie Hooykist* € 6,50

Coffee served with three 'Van Wees' old Dutch liqueurs